Ogof Draenen assorted trips 03/03/2019 and 22/11/2019

Unless otherwise stated, camera, setups, lighting, edits and gallery effects by Tarquin. Modelling and lighting at various points will be Phill Thomas, Mark Hampson, Claire Vivian, Duncan Hornby, Ed Willatts, Sanita Lustika, Hazel Barton, Derek Bristol and Gareth Davies.

  1. A Ctenacanthus shark tooth fossil, in Raiders Passage. This is the most obvious shark tooth that can be seen in the cave. Unlike the Psammodus tooth plates, Ctenacanthus had something much more like a regular modern shark's tooth, with a central cusp (spike). However, unlike the common mackerel shark's tooth, which has one lateral cusplet (little spike) on either side, the Ctenacanthus has two cusplets on either side. Two cusplets, and most of the cusp, can be seen here.
  2. Raiders Passage's smaller section between the guano piles and the large fault rift. One of the ctenacanthus dorsal spines can be seen in the ceiling.
  3. Possible cryostal mixed in with the mud on the floor.
  4. Cryostal in the largest section of Raiders Passage, where it meets a fault while crossing over The Score.
  5. The long, straight section of Gilwern Passage, where you can actually walk on a comfortable floor, quite a change from the usual Draenen boulders. For 150 metres, the passage follows the same fault in an almost perfect line. Modelling by Sanita, Mark, Claire, Ed and Duncan, lighting by Tarquin, Phil, Sanita, Mark, Claire, Ed and Duncan
  6. Sand ripples indicating a northerly flow of water in Gilwern Passage, showing that this passage was once the main drain taking all the water to a northern resurgence.
  7. Protected formation in Gilwern Passage. The barrier holding the calcite and mud floor in place is made from metal rods, plastic panels, and expanding polyurethane foam. Modelling by Sanita, Mark, Claire, Ed and (barely visible) Duncan, lighting by Tarquin, Phil, Sanita, Mark, Claire, Ed and Duncan
  8. Traversing at the most slippery section of Indiana Highway. Modelling by Hazel and Derek, lighting by Tarquin, Hazel, Derek and Gareth
  9. The ledge traverse between Canyon and Megadrive. Modelling by Hazel, Derek and Gareth, lighting by Tarquin, Hazel, Derek and Gareth
  10. Two-pronged bristletail in Lucky Thirteen Passage. These tiny relatives of springtails go around cleaning up the waste left by bats and other cave creatures (and humans). This will be Campodea sp., but the specific species is harder to determine, as there are 12 of them in the UK, and they all look pretty similar even in a high resolution photograph. With a picture this blurry and a subject moving this fast, there is no way I could work it out. Modelling by Campodea sp.
  11. A small chamber below the end of Cantakerous Surveyors' Passage, found by some determined, vertical excavation through a loose floor of rocks and silt. Modelling by Gareth, lighting by Tarquin and Gareth
  12. A Ctenacanthus shark tooth fossil, in the chamber opposite Raiders Passage.
  13. The new ladder at Balcony Pitch.