Ogof Draenen trip 17/10/2004

Camera (mostly) and some setups by Ian Wilton-Jones, edits, gallery effects and other camera and setups by Tarquin.

  1. Immense suspended slab in the roof at the junction of Beyond A Choke Streamway and Wonderbra Bypass
  2. An early section of Beyond A Choke Streamway - a rare place where you can actually walk comfortably - for a few metres
  3. Beyond A Choke streamway at Tea Junction, where White Arch Passage joins
  4. Looking up the slope from the bottom of Lamb And Fox Chamber
  5. Looking across the main upper part of Lamb And Fox Chamber
  6. An early part of Indiana Highway
  7. Ian traversing in Indiana Highway - yes, cave photography gets you cold ;)
  8. Squeezing along the rift in the floor of Indiana Highway (not usually necessary, but I dropped a cleaning cloth)
  9. Traversing in Indiana Highway - at the point where everyone misses their footing
  10. A closeup of the fossil shells that make up the limestone in Indiana Highway
  11. A closeup of one of the shells
  12. The crawl just before Lost Crusade in Indiana Highway
  13. The ledge crawls or canyon routes into Megadrive - the usual way in
  14. The passage from Canyon Passage into Megadrive North
  15. Mud patterns on the roof at the inlet aven in Megadrive North
  16. Anastomosis in the roof of the undercutting canyons in Megadrive North
  17. A drip pocket in the mud in Siambre Ddu Passage
  18. Selenite crystals in Megadrive
  19. Another selenite crystal in Megadrive
  20. A large, diamond shaped section of Megadrive (meaning that a bedding has been opened, and also the rift above and below it have been separately opened - formed through a unique filling and emptying process) - looks more like a + sign, but called a diamond - don't ask me ;)
  21. Emphasizing the diamond shape in Megadrive
  22. Another large, diamond shaped section of Megadrive