Waterfall Series 25/11/2007

Camera (mostly) and setups by Tarquin, modelling and other camera by Chris Poole, edits and gallery effects by Tarquin.

  1. The mouse skeleton in Spare Rib in the Entrance Series.
  2. Preserved cracked mud in Upstream Passage. This is a nice example of how Agen Allwedd could have looked if it had received sufficient conservation work. Hindsight is a wonderful thing, but it is nice to know that the errors from other caves can be avoided in Draenen.
  3. Curtains in the grotto at the end of the large part of Upstream Passage.
  4. The hardest climb in Waterfall Series (with plenty of mist, sorry). Without many footholds, this climb can be very tricky, and we needed a belay line.
  5. Outcast Passage, for the brief while that it is large and comfortable enough to walk.
  6. Stunning gypsum flowers on the wall of Outcast Passage.
  7. Long gypsum flower.
  8. A gypsum flower with a 360° curl.
  9. The balcony at the start of Lost River, with small stal flows, and miniature hoodoos.
  10. Bizzare lumpy stal in Lost River, that looks like it has formed under water. The whole passage has changed character in Lost River, which is apparently caused by it entering the Dowlais limestone (with no visible shale, though the shale does cause severe collapse in Padlock Passage).
  11. Stal framed passage in Lost River.
  12. Lost River, with its detailed mud formations.
  13. One of the largest collections of anthodites in 6th Heaven Chamber, at the top of the Lost River balcony.
  14. Aragonite urchins.
  15. Large anthodites with thick aragonite structures. The name of this chamber is slightly insulting (good, but not enough to be 7th Heaven), because not only did the way on close down too quickly, but unlike many of Draenen's other grottoes, the chamber only has a few scattered formations, instead of a thick covering all over the roof. Some people cannot be satisfied.
  16. Anthodites and helictites in an alcove.
  17. Anthodites on flowstone.
  18. Urchins.
  19. Anthodites on a glistening crystal wall.
  20. Through an eyehole is a second chamber, that appears to have no decorations, except a bat. However, tucked under a wall is this fantastic display of aragonite anthodites, and glittering calcite.
  21. Then the passage drops into the mud. Given these beautiful crystal decorations above the only possible way on, it will not be dug. It is doubtful there is any good passage here anyway, so the crystals are safe.