OFD (Ogof Ffynnon Ddu) novice trip 20/04/2008

Camera and setups by Tarquin, flash and modelling by Claudio Santambrogio, Peter Wilton-Jones, and Nicola Wilton-Jones, edits and gallery effects by Tarquin.

  1. The entrance passage
  2. Gnome Passage
  3. Stal heap in Gnome Passage
  4. Crystal Pool in Gnome Passage
  5. Ceiling hole in Gnome Passage
  6. And the stalagmites under it
  7. Wedding Cake
  8. Traversing in Salubrious Streamway
  9. The Trident, longest stalactite in the UK
  10. The three points of The Trident
  11. The Judge
  12. Curtains
  13. The formations in Swamp Creek, nicknamed "The Fairy Castle"
  14. Twisting, narrow, and scalloped; Maypole Inlet
  15. The fast Main Streamway