The Brecon Beacons in Snow 2009

A chance to enjoy the ever-changing Beacons in one of their less common shades.

When I was growing up in the Brecon Beacons, we would often see the higher ground covered in snow, which may last for a few days at a time. However, it's rare for us to get snow that lasts long enough for the entire country to turn white. When the entire island of Great Britain received a heavy downfall of snow at Christmas time, the whole country predictably ground to a halt, with many people unable to travel. Given such a situation, we were lucky enough to get just the right amount of snow, such that it produced a good, thick layer in the local cities, but let up for long enough for the roads to be cleared all the way up to the mountains, lasting long enough for a visit.

Those who arrived early in the morning risked the morning ice on the roads, but were rewarded with blue skies and an inversion. We arrived a little later, when the cloud covered the higher tops (the forecast incorrectly promised clear tops later), but produced equally eerie and beautiful lighting. So I left the rest of the family sledging down Fan Fawr's flanks, and headed up the main Beacons. Please enjoy my attempts to get the camera to recognise that snow is supposed to be white, and not turned down to average 50% lightness.