Besseggen 2008

The colour of autumn.

Jotunheimen is a national park situated a little south of Dovre, in the middle of the large bulbous part at the south end of Norway. It contains all of the 23 tallest peaks in Scandinavia, of which we would be climbing none. This was a walk for colours. For less than 2 weeks of every year, the autumn colours sweep over Jotunheimen, turning it from greens into reds and oranges, and then giving way to the bare hillsides ... er ... mountainsides of winter. The Besseggen ridge walk is the most popular walk in this most popular national park in Norway, along the edge of a glacial valley lake. It is popular for its landscape views, for the autumn colours, and for the narrow ridge that must be climbed to complete the walk.

We had only one day available to walk the route, but the weather forecast had been reliably bad; rain for the second half of the day, 20 m/s (45 MPH) winds, snow in the evening. We abandoned the plans, and decided to drive around and look at the mountains, preparing for proper trips next year. But then we abandoned that plan too...