Caerleon 2008

The Roman fortress of Isca. Castle of the legion.

The village of Caerleon (right by the urban mess of Newport in South Wales) sits on top of what was once a huge Roman fortress. Over 1900 years ago, this fortress was started, and for about 250 years, it served as home to as many as 5500 soldiers. No, not the same ones for 250 years, but I knew you would try to suggest that. The total size was over 50 acres (200'000 m2)

Until 800 years ago, there was a significantly large amount of the fortress buildings still visible, but then most of it was removed for building material, and the remaining foundations built on top of by the expanding village, which now covers about 75% of the remains. The rest was excavated only 80 years ago, but is still one of the best examples of Roman fortification in the British Isles, and one of the largest in Europe.