Carreg Cennen 2009

The long way from the car park to the castle.

This was to be the first time I used the new Canon 40D in a proper outdoor setting. Many of its strengths very quickly became apparent; it focused so fast, never complained about the lighting, and it was able to take pictures at such high speed.

But then that last strength was also a weakness; my weakness, which I must learn to curb. It's just so addictive. Not once did I take a single photo. Not once. I am quite used to taking a few shots of the same subject, adjusting focus, composure, or exposure in between. But with the 40D I would take between three and ten shots of exactly the same thing, even without high speed drive - I would just press the shutter again and again. The shadow from a cloud would move perhaps a metre. A blade of grass would bend in the wind. My aim would change by 1° at most. A cascade would get 2 extra drips.

At the end of it, I was left very frustrated with myself, having to repeatedly choose the best out of a selection of virtually identical pictures. It's always nice to have the odd duplicate for an important shot, but this was for every single picture. 400 pictures were reduced to less than 70 that were kept, of which about 50 which were used (that is not counting the buzzard sequence).

But you know, I loved every second I held that camera, and it's been a long time since I felt like that. So addictiveness aside, I am happy. Was it worth it? Of course! What a stupid question.

The walk

The castle