Goonhilly Satellite Earth Station

Signalling the giants.

Seemingly a little out of place, but it's here anyway. This is by far the world's largest satellite dish station, with over 60 dishes on one site. And we are not talking little dishes; these things are huge. The site itself holds several other world records, but I will go through those as I come to them. It is located near Lizard Point to keep it away from the electrical interference of the cities in the East, to be as far south as possible; close to satellites that all congregate near the equator, and because of the relative altitude of the area without having obstacles like mountains in the way.

It was responsible for many important things, such as being instrumental in providing live transmissions of the first moon landings, for viewing in the UK. Currently it provides a large part of Britain's international phone and Internet service, as well as being used for live remote news feeds and coverage of sporting events, GPS, and for use by rescue and military communication.