Land's End

The edge of the west.

Land's End is the most westerly part of mainland England, and the end of the longest tip to tip distance in Britain. (In fact it is the most Westerly point on the British mainland, according to the British mapping system, but in true longitude, it is beaten by Corrachadh Mòr in Scotland.) It is far, far too commercialised. In fact, if it were not for the fact that once you are this close, you might as well go there so that you can say you have been there, I would say not to go there at all. Artificial tourist rubbish.

Anyway, we were close to it, so we had to go there anyway. There was at least something amusing; many businesses near Land's End had signs on one side saying "Last <insert name of business> in England" and on the other side "First <insert name of business> in England". A small piece of humour, but it misses the point that they are not the first or last in England - England is a country that also covers some offshore islands. However, they are the first or last on the island of Britain. Oh well, so many people with so little understanding of the country they live in.