Côte d'Azur 2015

A business trip to the French Riviera.

This was a business trip, so I didn't think to bring a proper camera. When faced with such an incredibly beautiful place, begging to be photographed, I resorted to using the only alternative I had; a 2008 mobile phone, with enough memory left for just 32 photographs (OK, I actually took a lot more, and deleted the junk as I went), and an aging battery that could barely last for more than a few hours. The camera is quite poor, with significant vignetting, a blue-to-purple fade from left-to-right, and no exposure locking.

Stitching panoramas when faced with the output from such a camera is a minor nightmare, having to correct for each problem in turn, before rotating and skewing for perspective. So no, I did not stitch the pictures manually. They are automatically stitched using Microsoft ICE, which can correct all of the flaws. Since one of the panoramas includes an angular car park, automatic stitching would have been preferred anyway. There are some very visible stitches, especially in moving surfaces like the sea, but it is what it is.