Ffynone 2012

An almost unheard-of waterfall, in a rarely visited part of Pembrokeshire.

Ffynone Waterfall is located on the Afon Dulas (another one), near Newchapel, a tiny village on the B4332 in Pembrokeshire, close to Cenarth (in Wales, in case you hadn't guessed by now). The name is not officially recognised, and the waterfall is so called only because it is the only significant waterfall in Ffynone Wood (a name that is officially recognised). The wood is named after the Ffynone Country House and gardens, whose name is a misspelling of the Welsh word Ffynhonnau - meaning fountains, springs or wells. The spelling Ffynnonau is also used for a nearby house, and Ffynnone is also mistakenly used in reference to the country house and waterfall.

The reason that this unnamed waterfall has made my lists is due to the mythology associated with it, which will be discussed later. To keep things easy, I have used the most common name for it, though you may also find it referred to as Ffynone Falls, or with "falls" or "waterfall" used in combination with any of the (mis-)spellings of Ffynhonnau.