Gloucester in Cardiff 2009

A first trip around Cardiff Bay in the canal tug Gloucester.

Gloucester is a project of caving and cycling buddy Chris. For a long time he has poured his heart, soul and wallet into the plans to build a replica of an iconic canal tug boat design that was in use around 100 years ago. Working from archive pictures of the two original boats, Gloucester was made with exceptional attention to detail. There are some small differences below the water to provide a more stable, seaworthy craft, that can operate in shallower water than its original counterparts - useful with the current depths of canals. It also has a significantly less intrusive engine (though still very powerful), allowing the large engine housing used by the original boats to be used as a proper canal boat cabin. The plan is to make this into a holiday rental boat, giving you the unique chance to enjoy this piece of canal boating history. The boat's Web site was written by yours truly, and should come online when the boat is ready for hire.