Glyncorrwg 2009

A deceptively tough walk at the infrequented top end of the Afan Forest Park, sandwiched between the Vale of Neath and upper Rhondda Valley.

It is very easy to underestimate this walk, as most of the distances are covered on forestry tracks that also serve as relatively easy cycling routes (and if you're just out walking the dog or trying some easy mountain biking, then maybe the forestry tracks will be enough). However, given that managed forests are generally quite monotonous, there has to be something to liven it up, and in this case, it's my old friends; waterfalls. The visit was made after weeks of heavy daily downpours, so all streams and rivers were running very high, but not in spate conditions. River crossings remained possible with wellies, but required a lot of care.

In this forest, there are no easy paths to the waterfalls, and the forest is actively logged, so the terrain that must be covered to reach the waterfalls is especially hard. Despite being mostly on open access land, there are very few convenient points to cross fences, which intersect the routes at various points. If you plan on following this route, you will need to be capable of crossing this terrain, using an OS map, and hopping barbed wire fences if needed. The entire walk took 6 hours to cover a little over 13 km. None of the waterfalls are officially named on the maps, so names are taken either from the river/stream name, or the main feature where the waterfall is located.