Pontneddfechan Gunpowder Works 2008

Gunpowder, trees and then plop. Heritage by the waterfall walks.

The gunpowder works at Pontneddfechan date from between 1820 and 1931, and were a major industry for the area. They are situated in an area with what were good transport links, and natural resources, while also being far enough from everything so any major accidents would not be too costly for any neighbouring towns. The gunpowder produced here was primarily used for removal of rock in quarries and mines throughout Wales.

On the way back from the Sychryd Gorge, we bumped into a group of ~20 Chinese (I think) visitors, who were starting their walk to Sgwd yr Eira and back. 3 km away. 1 hour before dark. Reminded me of Tatry, except that once I explained to them that 6 km in 1 hour does not compute in this landscape, they had the sense and gratitude to accept it, and visit the much closer Sychryd waterfall instead.