Hell's Pools 2010

Dramatic scenery and hidden waterfalls in Mid and West Wales. Pwll Uffern-Gothi, Pwll Uffern, Nant Ystalwyn Waterfall, Dwfr Ddisgynfa Cwm-du.

Pwll Uffern-Gothi

Located on the other side of Mynydd Mallaen from Cilycwm (near Llandovery), this can be accessed from the Bwlch-y-rhiw farm. It is formed in the upper gorge of the Afon Cothi, where it drops from its source on the low lying Cambrian Mountains, to join the ring of valleys surrounding Mynydd Mallaen. There is space to park by the farm if needed, or you can park on the access track (see below).

Pwll Uffern

Due to lack of imagination, there is another Pwll Uffern right nearby. Head up the Towy/Tywi valley from the Rhandirmwyn Bridge. A few km before the reservoir, just before the Dinas hill appears, take a road to the left, over a weak bridge. Follow it as it gains the Doethie valley. There are several places to park just after it crosses a bridge over the Doethie. Do not underestimate this walk - although a lot of it is on tracks, the parts that are not on tracks require a substantial amount of effort and ability.

Nant Ystalwyn Waterfall

Located near Nant-ystalwyn in the upper Towy valley, upstream of the Llyn Brianne reservoir, where the narrow lane servicing the valley finally leaves the valley, and heads over to Tregaron.

Dwfr Ddisgynfa Cwm-du

One of only two waterfalls in West Wales whose name appears on the 1:25'000 map. It is located in the Gwaun Valley, near Fishguard, surrounded by Mynydd Preseli, in the Pembrokeshire Coast National Park. The Gwaun Valley has a micro-community; they follow the Julian Calendar, celebrating the New Year 12 days after everyone else, and they appear to have their own variation of the Welsh language, which shows up in the name of the waterfall as a less common variation of the word "water", and a tongue-twisting mutation on the second word.

Despite the main walk being along a fairly simple path, viewing the waterfall requires far more effort and ability. There is no easy route to this waterfall, and there is no proper viewpoint. It is very easy to fall down it if approached from above - take great care.