How The West Was Won 2010

Ogwr Fawr's Tarren Rhiw-maen Falls, Henllan Falls, Pen Pistyll/Pistyll Brynach, Aber Fforest Waterfall. Completing the waterfall walks To Do list.

Ogwr Fawr and the Tarren Rhiw-maen Falls

Located at the source of the Ogwr Fawr in the South Wales Valleys, the waterfalls have no official name, and are not even marked on the map. However, they are a locally popular sight, due to their location on the dramatic cliffs at the head of the Ogmore Valley. They are also perfectly sited to distract drivers on what has to be the toughest corner in the area.

Henllan Falls

Pen Pistyll/Pistyll Brynach

Located at the northern end of Newport Sands, the beach at Newport in Pembrokeshire. Parking is on the northern side of the river near the golf club (while Newport itself is on the southern side), and requires either a short drive along the back lanes, or a walk along the coastal path to reach it from Newport. From the car park, the waterfall can be reached by heading north either via the beach or the coastal path. The beach route to the waterfall is only accessible at low tide. The coastal path route is always available, dependent only on weather conditions. The waterfall needs a significant amount (several days) of preceding rainfall to become insteresting.

Aber Fforest Waterfall

Located at Aber Fforest, the mouth of Cwm Fforest, this waterfall is easily seen via a very short detour, when walking the coastal path between Dinas Cross and Newport. For a shorter dedicated walk, it is best approached either via the Fforest access track from the A487, or the path running down Cwm Dyffryn starting near Pont Felin-wern-dew, which appears to be maintained. Both have limited parking available on the side of the A487. Although there is a right of way running along the top edge of Cwm Fforest, and this is the route I used, it is not maintained as a footpath, and is very difficult to use. It is, however, the only way to see the upper waterfall.