Lavernock Point 2008

Of fossils, and more fossils.

Lavernock Point is located a little to the West of Cardiff, at the edge of the mouth of the Severn. It's a small place that attracts an inordinate number of fossil hunters, due to its more-than-generous supply of fossils. It is formed from layers of Blue Lias limestone and shales, and contains many fossils dating back about 300 million years. Fossils include bones or teeth from reptiles such as ichthyosaurs (looks like a large fish with a bottlenose) and plesiosaurs, coprolites (fossil dung), and shells, including some of the best examples of ammonites in vast quantities. The cliffs are not exactly stable, especially given the extreme effects of the second highest tidal range in the World, and each fossil cannot last much more than a few years from initial exposure to complete destruction.

If you are interested in fossils and you live close enough, then stop looking at this gallery, and get down here to look for yourself; part of the fun is hunting for these things. If you are interested in fossils but are not able to get down here to look for yourself, then that is what this gallery is for. As a result, this is a fairly complete gallery - complete in as much as it shows the vast majority of fossils or impressions we saw on our short visit, except for shells because there were literally millions of rocks with shells embedded within them, and they got quite monotonous. Of course, if you don't like fossils, then this gallery will probably be immensely boring. Perhaps you can find another gallery on this site that will interest you.

Lavernock Point


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