Little Wales 2012

Darren y Pistyll, Berw Nant yr Ychen, Pen Pych Waterfall/Berw Wion, Pwll Caradog, Craig Fawr, Cwm Coel. Mountains and waterfalls from the South Wales Valleys to the plateaus of Mid Wales.

Rhondda Valley

This part of the trip was made to an area I have visited several times, to test out a theory. As it turns out, the theory was proven correct, and an old waterfall gains its rightful place in the South Wales record books.

Cambrian Mountains

Time for a change of gear, and a more lengthy trip. This time, the journey took me around the bottom end of the Cambrian Mountains, from their southern tip near Carmarthen, up their western side, a side of the mountains I have never previously followed. I had waited for quite some time to get the weather just right, as the mountains need a high cloud base and some sunshine, but the south-facing views would need some clouds to protect the camera from the sun.