More of Oslo 2005

A few more highlights from the city of Opera

We have now been here for a few months. We have watched winter disappear, and summer completely bypass spring. So it is time for another gallery.

The flat

Around the city

More of the river

The same river as before, but now heading downstream through the city.


On a walk through the city, the sky was particularly interesting, with insane cloud formations everywhere. I decided to share with you a few of my many pictures.

May 17th

May 17th is the Norwegian independence day - like 4th July in USA - when the Norwegians celebrate their independence from Denmark in 1814. This year was the 100th anniversary of the separation from Sweden (when Norway truly became an independent nation - though it struggled to maintain that during the Second World War), and was a perfect sunny day. We went to watch the main childrens' parade in Oslo centre, as recommended by all the locals.

Music festival

As part of the celebrations, there was a music festival across the city (or country). Each park or plass had its own stage set up, where roaming bands would travel from plass to plass to play gigs.


No, not moose. Moose! The one from Poland. Knows CSS better than you know how to breath. Knows how to take stunning pictures. Spends weeks in the mountains, with little more than a boulder for shelter. Yeah. That Moose.


I am not normally one for graveyards, but I like this one. It is more like a park than a graveyard, each stone is carefully maintained, and the grass is neatly trimmed and watered.


Oslo is the furthest north I have ever lived. And it is very different. Now that summer is here, there is no night. It gets dark around midnight, and light again at 02:00. Even when it is dark, it is not that dark. The streetlights turn on, but they are not needed. The sky is still bright enough for you to see.

The longer days also mean that there is not enough time for the air to cool down at night. So much for Norway being cold - it is always warm in summer. When we first got here, almost every resteraunt and cafe had candles burning outside to show that they were open. People having parties did the same. Now it is so light these are ineffective, so they will not be used again until winter.

It is getting harder to sleep. We have been sleeping only a few hours each night, and from the sound of it, Moose has been sleeping only about once every two nights.