Nant Crew and Nant Ddu 2009

Catadupae et cataractae ad infinitum.

This was a walk to cover the last two remaining waterfall areas mentioned in the book that I had not looked at before, both on the west side of the southerly trending ridge from Corn Du. Nant Crew supposedly has 9 waterfalls, and Nant Ddu supposedly has 7. However, it is clear that the book author never made it to the top of the valleys. Nant Crew has several waterfalls beyond the last one mentioned in the book, including the largest of all of its waterfalls. Nant Ddu seems to be a constant series of cascades and waterfalls, making it impossible to work out which ones are actually mentioned in the book.

Nant Ddu is shown as being an almost inaccessible valley, where only a determined walker or assault course trainee may reach the end. Indeed, its lower end is pretty poor, with steep sides, no proper paths, and lots of undergrowth to trip over. However, its upper end is not so bad, and once past the first few waterfalls, it's not too difficult to make progress, though there is a lot of bracken, the odd bit of gorse, and lots of boggy ground hiding under club rushes.

The route followed Nant Crew on the way up, then up over the wide ridge separating it from Nant Ddu, down Nant Ddu, and back along the road between the two valleys. It took a total of 4.5 hours.