Nant Feinion 2016

Arguing with the undergrowth.

This waterfall managed to evade me for several years longer than most. The reason was due to a mistake on the OS maps. The waterfall is named on the maps, but on all map scales (1:50'000 all the way to 1:10'000), it is not marked as a waterfall. Instead, the name ("Ffrwd Fawr", meaning "big torrent") is written as if it were a label for a location or house. As for why it is not precisely located on any maps with a waterfall symbol, this may well be due to it being extremely difficult to reach; perhaps the OS cartographers decided it was safest not to approach it in order to get an actual location.

The waterfall is located to the south of Llanidloes, and is not related to the much better known waterfall of the same name at Dylife.