Nedd Fechan Waterfalls (Elidir Trail) 2008

A neglected part of Waterfall Country.

The south of the Fforest Fawr mountain range, in the Brecon Beacons, is an area known as Waterfall Country. The Afon Mellte and Afon Hepste rivers join, with four large waterfalls on their courses, providing the popular Four Waterfalls walk. They are later joined by the much shorter Sychryd river. The Afon Nedd Fechan (a.k.a. Little Neath) is less well known, but is the dominant river. It is joined firstly by the Afon Pyrddin then the Mellte, where the combined rivers become the Afon Nedd (a.k.a. Neath).

The upper reaches of the Nedd Fechan, Mellte and Hepste are well known for caving, but this trip aimed for the lower reaches, into the less well trodden parts of the Afon Nedd Fechan, which despite being less known actually has far more, and in many cases better waterfalls than those on the Four Waterfalls walk.

The first part of the Afon Nedd Fechan is on the national park boundary, with the right bank (looking upstream) being in it, and the left bank out of it. At the junction with the Pyrddin, it then follows that instead, with the Pyrddin's right bank being in the national park. Since the waterfalls it intersects are half in and half out, they are treated as being inside it.