Oslofjorden islands 2005

A return to the islands of Oslofjorden that we had previously seen in the winter

Norwegians fit so closely to the Western ideals. More often than not they are blond, and always so trim and fit. Large numbers of them jog the more well trodden paths over the hillsides by Oslo. There are virtually no overweight Norwegians (compared with back home), and even 90 year olds still go cycling in the mountains (no I am not joking). Of the nearly 200 people that work in the same offices as me, I can count the overweight ones using the fingers of just one hand.

You would hardly think it if you saw their diet. Their takeaways consist of only one thing; a shop selling three things: kebabs, pizza, and burgers. Nothing else. Seriously, nothing else. Oh, except the little shops that sell hot-dogs. And aside from the constant barbecues, they eat a lot of takeaway. With sauces. Lots and lots of sauces. Each with more fat than a full fish and chips dinner, with fried English breakfast on the side. And they use a knife and fork for their burgers so the excess of sauces do not dribble all over their hands.

A lot of their food is sold when it has already gone past what we would call a sell-by date. They like their meat "strong" and their bread stale. And their shops are always so small. A "big" supermarket has *shock* two cash tills, and very little variety. Maybe it is the price that does it. It's so expensive, they cannot afford to eat too much.

Need more? Ok, the vast majority of them smoke. Far more than at home. How do they manage to be so healthy? Maybe it's because they have such a simplistic taste in other things like crisps, where the most extravigant is - prepare yourself - salt and pepper, or maybe even some paprika (yawn)! Or maybe it's because they don't drink as much; they can't afford to. But in case you are wondering, I am not complaining. I just find it interesting. Whatever. Back to the pictures.