Bærumsmarka walk 5 June 2005

A walk from Bogstadvannet across the hills of Bærumsmarka

We had planned for this to be a long walk, across Oslo, through Bærumsmarka, and then north to Sundvollen. It was the reverse of the walk that we had had to call off the week before, after being led on a wild goose chase through Oslo, with a native failing miserably to locate the sports shop, or the quickest route to it. By the time he got us to it, it had closed. Everything closes so early in Oslo.

The language barrier can make it very frustrating trying to explain to someone that we know what we are doing, we have a map, we will be alright, we have just moved here for a while and were not able to bring all of our walking equipment with us, and if you just told us where the shop was, we would go there ourselves. Me being a seasoned caver, experienced at route finding, and Moose, an experienced mountaineer, used to spending weeks at a time in the mountains of Tatry. How can I say this to someone else when neither of us can understand the nuances of each other's languages?

Anyway, the idea was to test the water, ignoring the paths, and making our own way through the forests, picking up as many summits and lakes as we could on the way. That turned out to be a bit too ambitious, and we ended up walking only to the far end of Bærumsmarka. In fact, we walked further through the city than we did through the forest. But distance is not everything. It was a good introduction.

The walk began at Moose's flat, waiting for Pavel to join us. Just as we started walking off, he turned up, so we began our 8 kilometre walk through the city together.