Lillomarka walk 18 December 2005

Not quite what we had hoped

This was supposed to be a much longer walk. I had brought my cold weather sleeping bag, and plenty of kit ready for an overnight camp in the mountains. Initially, we had hoped to go to Telemark, so we could see the site of the famous World War II heavy water plant sabotage, and the lake where the ferry was sunk. Sadly, the only bus would get us there after mid day, and that would leave us with precious little time to get to a place to camp before nightfall. We settled for a stay in Nordfjellet, complete with reportedly excellent views across southern Norway, and bought tickets in preparation.

Early on saturday morning, we arived at the bus station, checked the timetables, and found the only bus leaving at the right time to the right place. We even checked with a local woman at the station that we were catching the right bus. The bus driver, however, had different plans, and was only going to go half way, making our tickets useless. Somewhat annoyed, we got a refund, and with it now being too late to catch any bus anywhere useful, we abandoned our plans for the day. The next morning, we took a tram to Kjelsås instead, and began a walk in Lillomarka - very much less than our initial intentions.