Nordmarka winter walk 18 December 2005

An attempt to do some cross country trails in the snow.

In Oslo, the temperature had been about -5°C. Enough to turn your breath into mist whenever you breathed, but a comfortable temperature as long as you wear warm clothing. We caught the train to Movann, attempting to follow a large part of a walk we had done a few months earlier in the heat of summer.

Now it was really feeling like winter. The snow was as much as half a metre thick, and the air was -10°C. There was no mist when you breathed - the moisture instantly froze and dropped to the ground (and yes, I have been in colder, in case you were wondering - got undressed and into a bed at -15°C back in Wales). The heavy snowfall just a day earlier had even brought down a small aeroplane, which had crashed in the valley beside where we were heading. We put on an extra layer of clothing, and began the walk away from the station.