Vestmarka-Krokskogen walk 12 June 2005

A walk from Kolsås to Sundvollen - crossing Krokskogen

A walk here had been on our minds since we first began planning any walks in the area. The idea was to walk from Kolsås in Oslo (on the edge of Vestmarka), to Sundvollen at Tyrifjorden, 20 kilometres away on the far side of Krogskogen. Tyrifjorden is an immense (to us at least) landlocked fjord, at 60 metres above sea level, consisting of the Holsfjorden, Tyrifjorden and Steinsfjorden branches.

My knee had been feeling fine for the last few days but a brief walk through the city the day before showed that it was not quite ready for the amount of exercise it was about to receive. Well - it was too late to back out now.

Having failed to find any damer to accompany us, Moose and I had taken the train to Kolsås, at the far edge of Bærum.

The bus then took us back to Oslo for an obscene price. It was worth it just for the views over Holsfjorden, which are etched in our minds, but sadly not on our cameras.