Oslo Winter 2005

Returning to Oslo at the end of the year

It is my first return to Norway (the first of many, I hope), and it is easy to say that I have missed being here. The people and the city make me feel so welcome. I return at the best time of year; the days may not be long, but the snow and light is exquisite.

I took the opportunity to join my friends on some walks through the city. Too many, if I am honest. My knee had healed, and allowed me to go on holiday to the North, as well as several bike rides, and the odd caving trip back home. Within three days of city walks in Oslo, it was back to its damaged state, and annoyingly was hampering my enjoyment. My camera was happy though, so I was able to take many pictures to keep me company when I return home again.

A night in the life

Opera party