Paignton 2000

Our honeymoon and first holiday together.

The pictures in this gallery were taken before I knew how to take surface pictures well, before I knew how to make image galleries, and before I knew how to write HTML well enough. This gallery is migrated from its original location on Geocities. The format does not really fit well, but what can you expect?

The Journey there

At the time of our wedding, both of us were students and neither of us could drive so for our honeymoon, we had to find somewhere relatively cheap with many activities at close range. After some guidance from the best man, we decided upon the South Devon town of Paignton, with its "famous" beach and quaint harbour (almost poetic innit!!!).

The First Day

The Second Day

The Third Day

The crocodiles, cheetah, porcupine and red panda all failed to put in an appearance. After wondering why a zoo with no hippo or dolphin would have so many souvenirs for both, we had lunch in the Safeway cafe.

Now extremely tired, we had dinner in the guesthouse before collapsing into bed.

The Last Day

"Don't wanna get up!"

Having watched the 12 in, the 12 out, the 12A in and 12A out all leave the bus station together, we set off for Kent's Cavern. 45 mins of underground archaeology.

To finish off, we wasted some time at the beach before catching the train for the 3 hour journey home.