Pembrokeshire 2009

Around the corner, in the garden, picking dasies. And Rhubarb.

Preseli Hills

A small range of hills at the north edge of Pembrokeshire, containing the highest peaks in the county, and dominating the skyline for most of the rest of it. The rock is partly ancient sedimentary, from the age of the first land plants, and partly older basalt and dolerite, with evidence of significant volcanic activity. They are littered with superb archaeological sites: stone age, bronze age and Celtic iron age burial mounds and dolmens (as old as 5500 years), settlements, quarry sites and standing stones. Virtually every little outcrop of rocks contains some evidence of prehistory, and almost all are named - so much so that the outcrops are more likely to get a name than the hills themselves. I have tried, where possible, to find the names of the hills, but I may get a few wrong. You are welcome to correct me.

The Folly of it all

The small Folly Zoo at Folly Farm. An attraction for parents and children. Well, I am a parent.