Pen y Fan and Corn Du 2007

The two tallest peaks in South Wales.

Pen y Fan (pronounced "Pen a Van", meaning "the top peak", "top of the place", "end of the place" or "head of the place", depending on how you translate it) is the tallest peak in South Wales, at 886 metres. Corn Du (pronounced "Corn Dee", meaning "black horn"), right beside it, is the second, at 873 metres. Both can be easily summited in 3 hours by normal humans, and are one of the most popular attractions in the Brecon Beacons National Park. From the North side, they ascend steeply 600 metres up glacial scarps from Brecon. From the south side, several paths provide easy access up gentle slopes, with the easiest being from the Southeast, starting at 430 metres. Since this trip was intended to be for a 5 year old to get to climb some proper mountains (proper for us, at least), this will follow the easiest route.