Risør and Kragerø 2006

mv /Sverige/Stockholm /Norge/Risør; cp -r /Norge/Risør /Norge/Kragerø

Initially we had hoped to visit Stockholm for a day visit, returning at night, but it turns out that Sweden sucks. They do not want spontaneous visitors. All must plan and purchase many weeks in advance in order to guarantee a place on the train, or must bribe the conductor. No thanks.

So we paid a visit to the bus station, and were helped by the very kind dame ('dahmeh' - not the American 'daym') there to choose a place to visit. She told us to try Risør, as it had distinctive white houses - unusual for Norway, and we would have more time there than if we went all the way to Kristiansand or Arendal. The tickets, she told us, were open for a month, so if we met some pretty damer in Risør, we could stay and come back whenever we needed - or, she added, we could just stay in Oslo, as there were pretty damer there too; hint, hint.