Towards the Misty Mountains

Crossing Wales.

Despite being only around 100 miles overland from Cardiff, it takes nearly 4 hours to reach where we were staying in Snowdonia, giving an average speed of around 25 MPH, or 40 KPH. The slow speed is partly due to the road weaving around mountains and valleys, and partly due to the fact that the roads are extremely poor. North Wales is generally forgotten, and the highest quality roads that travel the length of Wales vary between single and two lane. Still, it does allow the chance to shout at the driver to stop so you can take a picture, which is more than could happen on a motorway.

The weather was not exactly great in either direction, and plenty of mountains were not looking their best. Plus many pictures were taken from a moving car. End of excuses. Some pictures were taken on the return journey, so they will appear to be on the wrong side of the car, if that matters to you.