Glyderau Scrambling

A scrambling circuit of the eastern Glyderau.

Having been forced to abandon the last walk here, it was time to make up for a lost opportunity, and reach the tops of the two tallest mountains in the range. This was done using scrambling routes up Tryfan and Glyder Fach, giving a total ascent of just over 1000 metres, and something a little more challenging than the normal walking routes. According to Steve Ashton's grading system (the most popular one used in the UK), these can be done as grade 1 scrambling routes, though we made them as hard as we wanted, and used some grade 2 alternatives in places. You should make yourself aware of what those grades mean before attempting to follow the route.

In case you were wondering, the camera harness did get in the way on some of the more awkward bits, as it pushes you away from the rock. However, there were only a couple places on the route where I was forced to put it in the backpack. A compact camera would be better suited to scrambling, since it could be kept in a jacket pocket.