Southern Waterfalls 2009

Collecting some overlooked waterfalls in South Wales: Afon Twrch, Glynhir Waterfall, Dyffryn Crawnon (Darren Ddu/Pyrgad Falls, Pistyll Crawnon), Berw Ddu. Because northern waterfalls are too far away to go there every time.

Afon Twrch

Glynhir Waterfall

This waterfall lies on private land belonging to the Glynhir Mansion, near Ammanford, and you will need to ask for permission at the mansion to visit the waterfall. The owners, Carol and Katie Jenkins, are perhaps the most accomodating landowners you will meet, and rarely, if ever, refuse access. They will show you the way to the waterfalls, and if you are lucky, you may even get a tour of their magnificent buildings, which serve as a guest house and holiday cottages for as many as 60 guests. Mansion indeed.

Dyffryn Crawnon

Berw Ddu