Symonds Yat 2015

A village and tourist destination, separated by the natural beauty of the Wye Valley.

Symonds Yat is a village with a split personality. On one hand is the beautiful natural spectacle of the Wye Valley as the river flows through the wild Forest of Dean, while on the other hand is the total contrast of a well developed artificial tourist attraction with amusement arcades and fairground rides for rent. Physically, it is also split, with half of the village on each side of the river, and no bridge between them. Getting from one bank to the other in a car may require a round trip of 5 miles (8 km). And this is how they like it.

Symonds Yat Rock is a famous landmark, jutting out into the valley, and forcing the river to swing a long meander of 5.8 km, to cross just 450 metres of rock. You can see the Symonds Yat Rock from above and from the river in previous galleries. This gallery concentrates on the tourist part of the village.