High but not dry

An account from under a boulder.

After the night in the forest, we changed our plans, and decided to take the long alternative to Świnica (Shveeneetsa - sharp/pig peak), up Dolina Pańszczyca (Doleena Pan(y)shchi(h)tsa), between Żółta Turnia (J(e)oowta Toornia) and Koszysta (Koshi(h)sta). As we realised, it would have been a bad choice to use the Świnica route, as negotiating Świnica with our packs would have taken far too long and caused far too much pain, probably needing us to use the rope for hoisting them, while competing with tourists for the use of the chains. Add to that the fact that the cloudbase was well down on the mountains, and it had already rained in the morning, and it was a sensible choice to avoid Świnica. We wouldn't have seen anything from up there anyway.