The heart of Western Tatry

The limestone peaks.

The train to Zakopane (Zackopa'ne) takes a ridiculously long time. This is due to the climb that it has to do, as it passes through the outer ridges of the Carpathians, including the Beskids. As it climbs, the houses change; taller and thinner, with the steepest sloping roofs that almost reach the ground. Enter Highlander country.

At Zakopane, we struggled to find a shop that would sell gas for our cookers. It seems that Zakopane caters more for regular tourists than proper mountaineers. After that we ate a last good meal in a traditional restaurant that served us more potato pancakes, and pierogi (pee'erog'ee) - stuffed dumplings. The last meal of the condemned men. It was time to head for the mountains, and find our place to sleep.