Tuscany 2014

Mountains, vinyards, olive groves, towers.

Tuscany is famed for its scenery, wine, historic sites, beaches and sunshine, as well as making its own contributions to popular Italian cuisine. Whether it is the Leaning Tower of Pisa, or the wild mountains of its nature reserves, it serves as one of the major Italian tourist destinations. Still, it is possible to get to a number of little historic villages where you can get a dose of the local culture without feeling like the place only exists to serve tourists.

Our short visit was to attend a wedding, but we took the chance to visit some of the local sights too.

For those who are familiar with my galleries; I normally stitch all of my panoramas by hand using an image editor - this allows me a little more control about where the stitches will be, and means I can minimise the amount of image area that will be cropped off at the end. Overlaps and errors can be hidden in all of the natural noise. However, with architecture, hand-stitching is much harder, since the images need to be curved perfectly to avoid abrupt angle changes. For this gallery, the panoramas of buildings were stitched using Microsoft ICE, an automatic panorama stitching application. A few little errors needed to be corrected afterwards (duplicate shadows or incorrect angles), but the stitching is much better than others I have tried. It even seemed to detect people that walked into more than one of the frames, and only allowed them to appear once in the final panorama, without leaving any ghosts or partial-people.