Wild, Wet and Windy 2007

A stag & hen do. I know what you're thinking, and sorry for getting your hopes up in vain.


The destination was Swansea Bay, instructed by Bay Watersports. Swansea is known locally as "Sunny Swansea", as a form of self indoctrination - if they say it enough, maybe even they will believe themselves. Swansea actually has the dubious honour of having more rainfall than any other place in Britain. And that is saying something. This day, it was living up to its nickname, and managed to burn just about all of us.


Day 2. A reasonably priced theme park, with some of the best thrill rides in Wales. An early rainshower scared off just about everybody, so the park was fairly empty, which is a good thing. After some very bad experiences in Porthcawl's Coney Beach (the place where one ride was still closed after part of it killed someone by falling on them, several rides were not bolted together properly which you only found out while hanging upside down from them, and carriages of other fast inverting rides were closed because they were too badly damaged), I was very wary of Oakwood, but I have to say I was pleasently surprised with how well maintained everything was, despite being static.