Desktop wallpapers from the wilds of Wales

All images are optimised for 1024*768 but if you set your desktop background display to 'stretch' they should work with any standard sized display.

Click the pictures. A full sized image will open. Once it has loaded, right click it and select 'Set as wallpaper' or 'Set as background' or 'Use image as - Desktop background'.

Alternatively, if your operating system allows it, you can download several images, and use my rotating script to randomly cycle through the background images. Edit the file to say what images you want to use, then set the HTML file as your background - on Windows: right click the desktop and select 'Properties', then use the 'Browse' button to select the HTML file. The image will automatically resize to fit your display.

All these pictures were taken by us, and should not be re-used for any form of picture gallery with the exception of your own desktop wallpaper.

  1. Walking and Mountains

    492 Images in 11 Sections

  2. Waterfalls

    539 Images in 47 Sections

  3. Cycling

    7 Images

  4. Canoeing

    10 Images

  5. Caving

    25 Images

  6. Climbing

    12 Images

  7. Coastline

    81 Images in 6 Sections

  8. Snow

    53 Images

  9. Skies

    44 Images

  10. Watersports

    8 Images

  11. Rivers and Lakes

    44 Images

  12. Other

    20 Images

  13. Wildlife

    194 Images in 2 Sections