Eastern Carneddau 2011

Less visited parts of the second highest mountain range in Wales.

Fairy Glen

Not to be confused with the far more popular gorge and waterfalls with the same collective name near Betws-y-Coed, this Fairy Glen is situated in the tiny village of Capelulo at the northeastern tip of the Carneddau, close to Conwy town. Many years ago, this small gorge was set up as a tourist attraction, but has clearly not been used as one for a very long time. The overgrown remains of a walkway can be traced up the gorge, leading to the centrepiece and highlight of the gorge; the waterfalls at its head.

Unfortunately, the current owners have decided not to allow access along the walkway, and have made it very clear that they do not want anyone to use that route. Instead, a series of public footpaths loop around the plateau above the glen. Although a fragment of public right of way descends to the waterfalls, the fragment is not connected to the footpaths, and so at least one field will need to be crossed to reach it. Our route crosses the nearest field. You do so at your own discretion.

Craig Eigiau

This area is known for the flooding disaster that happened when the two main reservoirs in the area burst in 1925. For more pictures of the area affected by the disaster, see the Porth-llwyd part of my previous gallery.