Aerial pictures of Nepal 1986

A selection of aerial shots of the southern Nepali Himalaya.

Taking photos of Nepal from an aeroplane was not allowed (not sure if that has changed). Exactly how the rule worked, I am not sure, but I have to wonder if taking a picture of Nepal while over India was permitted. Even so, it is hard to understand why, since spy-planes fly much higher (and generally used stealth - I guess that's what they were worried about), and it's not like a spy would bother taking pictures from a passenger airline.

Anyway, since it was not allowed, these pictures must have been taken from a hot air balloon, or a very tall person, or something. One thing I do know is that I was not the photographer, and I do not know who - if anyone - was in control of the camera.

Unfortunately, I do not know the names of any of the mountains in these photographs, and I have not been able to recognise them from other photographs. If you know, please get in touch.