Nepal (नेपाल) 1986

A month among an amazing people, living on the feet of the highest mountains in the World.

Despite being only a month long, this is one of the experiences that has had a profound effect upon me, shaped my perceptions and admirations of cultures. I have memories of this country that have stayed with me since my young childhood, that I feel privileged and honoured to have been given. When we visited Nepal, I was a child, only 6 years old. At the time, I am sure I did not understand how lucky I was to be there. Now 20 years later, in 2007, I am envious of my childhood self.

For various reasons, I have taken much longer than I had hoped to locate these pictures. They are all scanned from slides, which have been well kept for the last 20 years. However, I can make no promises. Given their age, these slides are in excellent condition, but what is deemed excellent in slides, is not what we deem excellent in the age of digital photography. I have attempted restoration where possible, but please forgive any damage that I have been unable to remove. Hopefully the beauty of this country and its people, will be more than enough for you to be able to overlook any flaws in the medium.

The pictures in this collection are all priceless to me, and as a result, I could not pick which were best for desktop wallpapers like I normally would. All the pictures are available at around 2000 x 1300 resolution, so if you want one to use for your desktop wallpaper, please get in touch.

Many names in Nepal have been anglicised for our own ease of use, but since I believe correct names are those used by the people who live there, I will attempt to use authentic names as well as those that we may find more familiar. I will also attempt to write those names in their own language. Whether you see those correctly or not will depend on whether you have an appropriate font installed.

Since this visit, the country has undergone a substantial change. There has been a civil war, and the country's entire economics have been affected. The way of life is no doubt different, but I hope that the parts that made it unique, have still survived.

Namasté (नमस्ते), and welcome to Nepal.