Pokhara (पोखरा) to Dhaulagiri trek 1986

Spending time with the hardest working people, and their mountains.

About 100 miles (~150 KM) from Kathmandu lies the smaller city of Pokhara (पोखरा). This is the usual start point for treks, and is a (very uncomfortable) bus ride from Kathmandu. It is somewhat unique in that it actually has a road from Kathmandu that a bus can use. There is even a Nepalese version of a motorway services part way; a layby where the locals sell fresh watermelons.

The trek itself lasted around two and a half weeks, of which one week was spent at the foot of Dhaulagiri. Those on the trek were myself, my parents, my brother, and two of my sisters. My older brother and sister, and I, walked the whole way. For a 6 year old, I feel that was quite an achievement. My younger sister was carried for a substantial part of it.