Northern Waterfalls Round III

Ffrwd Ferin/Rhaeadr Myherin, Nant Chwarelmelyn, Rhaeadr Nantcol, Pistyll Dû, Pistyll Gwyn, Amarch Fall, Dolgoch Falls, Llam Lloi, Nant y Cafn Falls, Pistyll y Gyfyng, Water Break-its-neck. Picking up some stragglers.

Most of these are not particularly long walks, as the intention was to visit as many as possible within just one weekend. Therefore, the chosen routes are always the shortest possible routes to the waterfalls. You may want to come up with more imaginative routes that take in more sights.

Ffrwd Ferin/Rhaeadr Myherin and Nant Chwarelmelyn

The name "Ffrwd Ferin" is used on the 1:10'000 scale maps, but the waterfall is better known by the name "Rhaeadr Myherin".

Rhaeadr Nantcol

A revisit to pick up the waterfalls I missed in "Round II". Again, I wish to reiterate that the official car park belonging to the campsite at the bottom of the gorge is overpriced, and denies access before 10:00. The best approach for proper walkers is to park just after the nearby village of Cefncymerau Uchaf, and take the path over open access land to the top-most cascades, then continue downstream to the head of the gorge. These pictures are shown in the opposite direction.

Pistyll Dû

Pistyll Gwyn, Nant Llyn-du

Dolgoch Falls (and Amarch Fall)

A revisit to pick up the upper waterfalls I missed in "Round II".

Llam Lloi and Nant y Cafn Falls

Pistyll y Gyfyng and Pistyll Rhaeadr

Pistyll Cablyd will be properly covered in a later gallery.

Water Break-its-neck