Bronaber waterfall walk

Including Pistyll Dû.

Ability requirements (key)


From Cardiff, take the A470 past Dolgellau to Bronaber. From Bronaber, turn right, signposted to the holiday village. Follow the lane through the holiday village, turning left at the junction at the far side of it and crossing a cattle grid to leave the holiday village. The lane then climbs up to the top of a hill, and passes over a cattle grid next to a brick bin-house. Take the right fork immediately after it. The road passes a church then drops to a river and crosses it, before climbing up into a forest. After crossing a cattle grid, there is a gravel area on the left that can be used for parking. SH 7327 3038.


Depending on tree-felling status, the forest can be a maze of drainage channels and mossy clearings that make navigating extremely hard. Ignore the supposed right of way that heads through the forest, as it goes in the wrong direction. Stand at the end of the gravel area nearest the cattle grid. Turn so that your back is facing towards the cattle grid. The direction you want to head through the forest is roughly to your left, along a clearing that starts on a bearing of about 40°, later turning to 70° - yes, you will probably want a compass if the trees are tall enough to block the view of the stream. After 150 metres, this should take you to the stream.

When you reach the stream, head upstream past some small cascades for about 250 metres to reach the obvious Pistyll Dû, where there are two 3 metre waterfalls in quick succession. Now turn around and find your way back to the road.

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