Cwm Dugoed waterfall walk

Including Cwm Cerrig-duon Falls.

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From Cardiff, take the A470 to Mallwyd (at the edge of the Snowdonia National Park). From Mallwyd, take the A458 towards Welshpool. After 4 miles (some way after the tight bend over a river), there is a house on the left, followed immediately by a stone-walled bridge. Just after this, there is a farm access lane on the right with a wider patch at its start, which is the only place in the area where it is possible to park without blocking access. Seek permission from the Nant-y-dugoed farm as needed. SH 9186 1332.


Although most of the walk is on public access land, the access route uses a grassy track as a way to cross a private field. You should seek permission as needed (the land probably belongs to the Talglannau farm, a little way back down the valley). Alternatively, you could construct your own access route using a nearby right of way, although even the nearest one would require a 4-5 km detour - an 8-10 km round trip.

Directly opposite the Nant-y-dugoed farm access track, there are two gates into fields. Take the one on the left, and follow the very grassy track that runs along the right wall of the field, climbing up to the top of the fields, where there is another gate into open access land. Two paths lead up the valley, a lower one ahead left, and one to the right which then turns hard to the left. The lower path reaches the stream, where there are two nice waterfalls upstream - both will need some determination, and a fight with the gorse to reach them.

The upper path follows the side of the valley, giving a view across it to the Cwm Cerrig-duon Falls. Most of their water is drawn off by a small reservoir above, for use in a hydro-electric generator, so the waterfalls can be almost dry in most conditions. The route ends here, so return the same way to the start of the walk.

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