Copyright and reproduction

Since a number of my visitors have asked...

The pictures in these galleries are copyright of the respective photographers (typically the author of this site). They are taken for these personal galleries or other personal uses, and are intended to be enjoyed here, on this site. So please enjoy them as they are. They are not intended as clip art images, and are not to be reproduced as Web page content on other Web sites, gallery images in other galleries, or any form of content in other documents. The documents and images may be printed for personal (non-commercial) use as route guides.

In other words, I do not give permission for you to use these images on your pages, or any other pages or documents. I do not give permission for you to use these images in any image galleries. They are not available for sale in any resolution unless stated otherwise elsewhere.

I may make some of them available in other galleries that I maintain, where the images may be available for other uses. In those cases, any extra permitted usage permissions will be indicated in those galleries. If no additional permission is stated in those other galleries, then none is given.